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When we get lost on a trip, we depend on GPS on a smartphone. But now it's no longer there. Because, just looking at the wrist, you can see the GPS to know the position and direction to go. Yes, Tactical SmartWatch is a type of smartwatch that contains features that are very useful for the user. This watch is designed with anti-scratch and anti-rust. Besides, this watch is also equipped with navigation mapping and fitness training features. This tool is claimed to be able to combine tactical fun and navigation mapping. This tactical smartwatch, also known as a military watch, is specifically designed for users who are dealing with extreme conditions.

Tactical SmartWatch is a smart and durable smartwatch. Usually, these watches are used by mountain climbers, soldiers, hunters, or pedestrians. This watch is also modern designed so that user can use during daily activities. Today many companies make tactical products because of the high demand. You may be a little confused in finding the best outcome. Therefore, let's review some models of tactical smartwatches 2019 so that you can know the features, design, and quality that this device offers.

1. Garmin Tactix.

Charlie's third generation Tactix watch is equipped with full-color Topographic mapping, wrist-based heart rate monitoring system, and advanced performance metrics. This tactical smartwatch is probably just one of the most useful parts of technology that you can put on your wrist. This watch is made with a scratch-resistant black-plated berlin frame like carbon and features black titanium back cover and anti-rust buttons. Garmin Tactix has a 1.2-inch screen that can be read in the sun with a lens that is always on. Besides being equipped with a digital topographic map, you can download and store up to 16 GB of various regional map data and other routes such as sea charts.

This smartwatch can work as well as GPS support and support for the Global Navigation Satellite System. That means, when you are in a challenging environment, there is still road navigation that can be followed. If you connect this smartwatch to a smartphone, you could receive text notifications, calls, and e-mails, and calendar alerts. You can personalize your watch with various applications, widgets, data, and view face through the Connect IQTM Store. Charlie's Tactix battery will last up to 12 days in smartwatch mode and 20 hours in GPS mode.

2. Suunto Core B M.

Suunto Core is a tactical watch that can be an altimeter, barometer and electronic compass. An all-in-one package. This device also has a clock, stopwatch, and a calendar function. In Alti & Baro mode you can see the current data regarding altitude, barometric pressure or snorkeling depth. This mode offers four profiles: automatic, altimeter, barometer, and depth meter.

Suunto Core also has a storm alarm feature that can tell in that there has been a pressure drop over 3 hours. Besides, the Compass Mode allows you to face a direction relative to the magnetic North. In Compass mode, you can access the time display, the wind, and the direction angle measurement.

3. Garmin Fenix 5X plus.

Garmin Fenix 5X plus is a tactical watch that is perfect for athletes and adventurers in the open air. This watch is the first fēnix Series to offer wrist-based Pulse Oximetry sensors for insight into blood oxygen saturation at high altitudes. This device has a thermometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, and GPS features. Besides, Fenix 5X plus also has a unique climbing feature, climb prop, which provides up-to-date information about the incline you are going through. You can check the steepness of the slope, distance, and increase in height, and a progress marker that shows how far you have to travel.

When facing difficult grades, the Pulse Oximetry Acclimation sensor can measure the absorption of hemoglobin in your blood flow. Then, you can assess how well the level of oxygen adjustment in the body is at height. Fēnix 5 Plus offers multi-network satellite reception (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) to track in environments that are more difficult than GPS alone. It has built-in altimeter provides elevation data to monitor climbing and decrease accurately for various activities. 

When you are climbing, while tilt-compensated 3-axis electronic compasses that will maintain your position - whether moving or not. This model has been tested in water to a depth of 100 meters and offers a long battery life.


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